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October 17: Spanish Story Time
October 17: Spanish Story Time

October 17: Spanish Story Time

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The magic of a story will capture your children's attention, and will make them travel into a cute story called "A TU RITMO".  Amber from Bilingual Bookshelf is our monthly guests who is bringing this story and an easy project to expose and engage your child in the target language while practicing those listening skills. 

What would you need? 

1) Register here first!  It is a FREE event! 

2) Gather the following:

  • papel verde/green construction paper
  • papel rojo/red construction paper
  • marcador negro/black marker
  • goma/glue
  • ojos saltarines/googly eyes if you have some

4) An email will be sent to your inbox with the link to your Zoom classroom for Saturday October 17

5) Remember:  We meet at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.  Have everything ready! Nos vemos!