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Printable Routines & Responsibilities / Recorded Pronunciation
Printable Routines & Responsibilities / Recorded Pronunciation
Printable Routines & Responsibilities / Recorded Pronunciation
Printable Routines & Responsibilities / Recorded Pronunciation

Printable Routines & Responsibilities / Recorded Pronunciation

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"Exposing children to the Spanish language through play and music, now in the comfort of your home"

Hola amigos!

Routines and Responsibilities are part of our daily life. Here is a collection of basic activities your child and even you do everyday.   All of them are written in first person. For example: Cepillo mis dientes = I brush my teeth, or Desayuno = I have breakfast.  When you purchase your material you will receive your PDFs plus you can listen the recording with the meaning and correct pronunciation for each statement right here. 

What does the printable include?

Well... You will receive an email with your downloadable material which includes: a high resolution non-editable PDF file containing 5 pages. 

Routines & Responsibilities is a collection of basic and most common routines a child go through the day. They have a self explanatory image with each routine or responsibility so you and your child can recognize every time. 

How do I work with my child?

Here are a couple of steps and suggestions for you.

  • After printing the material place them in visible area for your child. It can be his/her bedroom, play area, kitchen wall or refrigerator. 
  • Take time during the day to sit and explore the images and talk to your child about them.  Then read out loud how you say it in Spanish. 
  • Repeat the process every day. It doesn't have to take too long. As long as your child is engaged in a few images at the time, practice those with him.
  • Start using them at home in your daily speech so your child gets familiar with the new vocabulary.  If your child gives you a puzzled face, show him/her the picture again, that way he/she links the meaning. 
  • Keep us updated with your experience. Let us know how it is working for you. Hash Tag us on Facebook or Instagram mentioning #spanishplaydates #myspanishcornermaterial
  • If you have any questions do not hesitate in contacting us.

This is a great material for any family who wants to introduce the language at home, wants to practice with their children, also home schooling families that need to reinforce their lesson plans, and for adults with  the heart of a child who love learning a language in a fun and playful way.   

Teachers as well... Spanish teachers who need fresh ideas for the classroom, Preschool teachers who would love to introduce the language to those little learners, anyone really... who needs support to move forward with Spanish in a fun way. 


  • There is no physical product with this purchase. You need to download and print the material. 
  • The material can be printed on standard letter size, 8.5" by 11" . 
  • This file can be downloaded right away.  You will receive the link in your inbox. Remember to check the Spam folder in the event of not receiving it directly. 
  • There are no refunds on digital products, unless there is a clear mistake in the teaching material.
  • All our digital products are copyrighted.  Copies, reproduction, shares or transfers are no legally allowed please.
  • Thanks for supporting this working mamma.