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This is a "Mommy & Me" type of class. A meeting of 45 minute where children attend with their primary caregivers. This is an structured play date where both caregivers and children are exposed to the language through play and music.

For babies and toddlers up to 5

  • Who can attend?  Children as young as 7 months old up to 5 years old.  
  • What to expect? Both will enjoy a play/class routine where basic concepts such as greetings, weather, colors, opposites, and numbers are part of the theme of the day.   There will also be an activity using either coloring, painting, crafting, or games.   We will always finish our class by singing adios and blowing bubbles. 
  • Can babies really learn something in our class?  Yes they can!  The sounds, music, and interactions among others are making their way into baby's brain and leaving a footprint of information that will be decoded soon enough when the baby becomes a toddler.  Besides, during the class, the grownup is acquiring all the details and information that will be used with the baby at home and future classes.  The grownup is learning, practicing and experiencing new techniques on how to pass the language.  
  • What is the schedule? We have 3 days available for you:
                   Mondays - Thursdays and Saturdays  from 10:00 - 10:45 a.m.
  • How do I enroll with my child? You can enroll as a regular student for $96 a month.  There are approximately 10-12 classes a month that you can attend. 
  • What if I can not come every week?  You can pay as a regular drop in class for $16 each time you attend.

It is known that bilingual education at an early age offers the most flexibility for shaping creative minds. Toddlers are less self-conscious than older learners and are willing to try newly acquired language skills while minimizing their fear of embarrassment. Our staff and families support their words with body language, context, gestures, intonation, and visual aids.

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MORE INFORMATION UPON REQUEST!  Contact Miss Ana directly at 513-490-8543 or at the studio 513-832-1000.  You can also send us an email to

Please review our  Parent Handbook  when you register for any class/program.

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